Explore Harmony Special 

Book 3 nights at the daily rate $125 and receive $50 Harmony dollars to be used for dining, shopping, and attractions. Over 40 local businesses will welcome your Harmony dollars.

Anniversary Special

Celebrate your anniversary in Harmony. With a two night booking at the regular nightly rate, receive 1 Harmony  dollar for each year you are celebrating. If you are celebrating 50 years or more, we can negotiate!

Honeymoon Special

Book four nights, Sunday-Wednesday or Monday-Thursday for only $100 per night.


Book now for  Writer's Retreat for One Guest

 "My writer's retreat at Asahi Loft in late January was the perfect working vacation. The peace, quiet, and comfort of the loft made it easy to focus, work hard, write a lot. During my breaks, I recharged by soaking in the deep tub and walking around the sleepy town." 

January-May 2016

4 nights Sunday-Wednesday or Monday-Thursday for $240 


If you were fortunate to have had Mr. Ofstedal as a coach or teacher, ask about of our Class Reunion Special.


If you were a member of Harmony FHA, ask about our FHA special.

ISSH alums and family, income from your stay at Asahi Loft of Harmony will be sent to  NEPAL SEEDS.http://www.nepalseeds.org/